How do I check the mic of the webcam?

Wansview Webcam has a dual Built In Microphone, which can pick up your sound within 5m.  If the microphone volume is too low, how do we fix it?

Take Skype as an example, please follow the below steps:


1. Plug the webcam to the computer through a USB port, Then Open Skype, click on [ Audio& video] setting and select [HD USB Camera] from Audio option.

2. If the recipient is not able to hear you, you should check below:

a. Microphone is enabled.

b. While talking, [ HD USB Camera ] is selected as audio source on [Audio& Video] setting.

c. Make sure that the volume level is set to the maximum.

If you are not able to hear the person at the other end, Please check your whether there is a speaker of your laptop or not . (Our webcam is not equipped with speaker ).

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