Can I add the camera to other accounts? (Wansview W7)


Thank you for your question.
One camera can be bound to one account at one time.
If you want to share the camera with others, please follow the steps below to share the camera.
1. The shared user should register a Wansview Cloud account if he doesn't have one.
2. Please run the App-go to the Device page -choose the camera that you want to share.
3. Please click the "Setting" button and then go to the "Invite family members button -Invite new member"
6. On the "Shared users" page, please input the sharing account and click "Confirm".
7. If the shared account doesn't receive the invitation, please try to log out and log in again. After the shared account accepts the invitation, the shared camera can be seen on the shared account.

Wansview support.

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