Cannot Connect the Wansview Cameras to the Network?

First, please check the camera's light is on to make sure the camera is powered on.

▶ During the connection process, you need to consider the network settings.

1.Check the WiFi is 2.4GHz and the phone is connected to the same network as the camera.

2.Keep the distance between camera and router within 3 feet.

3.Enable GPS or location access on your phone before connecting wifi.

4.Tap the eye icon to check the WiFi password and avoid spaces.

▶ You need to be aware of Camera Settings :

1. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds until you hear a voice prompt "reset is successful" or a beep sound.

2. Scan the QR code for connection.

① Double click to enlarge the QR code.

② Disable the phone's night mode.Adjust the brightness of the your surroundings and phone screen to an appropriate level.

③ Move the phone back and forth to control the distance (3-8 inches) until you hear a vocal message confirming successful scanning.

④ If you fail to scan, please try to connect the camera by softAp by clicking [Didn't you hear it?]

If you still fail to connect, please email us at and provide us with a photo of the label (including a SN code) on the bottom of the camera, and tell us the status of the indicator light (red/blue; steady or flashing slowly/fast).

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