​Why my Q5 camera couldn't scan the QR code on APP ?

If your Q5 cloud camera couldn't scan the QR code on the app, please check as below :
1. Please make sure the App is "Wansview Cloud". This app will show a QR code after inputting Wi-Fi password, and let the camera's lens scan the QR code on this App.
2. When scanning, please make sure the camera is flashing red and blue alternately. If not, press the reset button on the camera to reset it and wait for it flashing red and blue.
3. Please put the phone screen in front of the camera at about 3-8 inches.
4. Turn up the phone screen's brightness to maximum.
5. Hold the phone horizontally or vertically.
6. Take a screenshot of the QR code and open it in the gallery, then enlarge the QR code to scan.
7. Please contact our customer service at "service@wansview.com" or find the online chat on Wansview Cloud App.

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