How to record and playback record on PC software ?

1. Please download the PC client "Wansview" and connect it with your camera. Download address:
2. Run the "Wansview" --- click + ---input the information of your camera --- add camera to the software
3. Tap setting button on top   --- setup the Record Path and Record Time Length then save.
4. Click the fourth button on top menu --- create a schedule recording (you can name it as you like) --- select the time (each grid means 15 minutes. If you want to make 24/7 records, please click"select all") --- save  --- choose this plan --- select Apply
Then the camera will automatically save video to your computer.
5. If you want to playback the schedule recording on the PC software, please follow:
a. Choose Local Record and select the camera you want to check.
b. Select the media type (video or image).
c. Select the video in an exact date you want to playback.
d. Recorded videos will be shown on the list (Video starts with "P" for Schedule Recording, and "H" for manually recording)
e. Double click the video name and the video will be broadcast.

Note: If you turn off the computer and the PC software, the schedule recording will stop.
Next time when you run the software it will automatically continue recording.

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