How can I set up an new camera on my computer without a smart phone?

Only the cameras that support Ethernet cable can set up WiFi directly via PC software, such as Q3/Q3S/W2/W3.
The setup process :
1. Please power on the camera and hardwired the camera to router with an Ethernet cable.
2.Download and install our Wansview PC software --- tap + icon --- click “P2P” and “search” --- you’ll see your camera, please click it --- input the default password “123456” --- tap “add”.
Note: Please make sure the computer is in the LAN network with the camera.
3. Now the camera will show “connected” and you can watch the live video. Please right-click camera --- Advanced setting --- WiFi setting --- enable WiFi and set up 2.4G WiFi for camera.

Once it shows “WiFi set success”, you can unplug the Ethernet cable from the camera and move it to somewhere else.

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