How to do Port forwarding( Port Mapping)?

In order to avoid the local IP changing each time when rebooting the camera, you’d better fix the camera’s local IP with our Search Tool.

There are two situations to do port forwarding, please follow your network condition to do it.

1.One router connected(Only one router is using, and the router directly connect the wan)

Log on the router, find the Port forwarding or Port Mapping or Virtual, the add camera’s local IP and Port. As below figure:

2.Multiple routers connected

(There are 2 or more routers are using, and your camera is not directly connected to the router that is connected with wan port).

For example, there are two routers(Router 1 and Router 2). Router 1 is directly connected with wan port, Router 2 is connected with Router 1, and the camera and computer are connected with the Router2.
Router 1  Local IP:
Router 2  Local IP:
Camera IP:  Port:255

First, please log on Router 2, find the port forwarding, then add the camera’s port number.
Second, please log on Router 1, find the port forwarding, then add the Router 1 IP and camera’s Port number.

Noted: Because each brand of router is not the same, so the port forwarding methods are not the same, please consult the user manual of the router to do port forwarding.

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