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With a built-in microphone and speaker, remote talk and listen to yourself.

Speak to your family members, tell your dogs not to be mischievous, warn the thief etc.

10 IR led lamps, night vision up to 20 feet allows you to see clearly, even in complete darkness,

you can access your camera from any time and anywhere with our free APP or through the web page.

With a slot for micro SD card (max 64 GB supported) for playback and video recording.


Supporting 4 devices watch the video at the same time and multi-camera added in the application "Wansview".

Keep your eyes on your baby, pets, elderly, the nanny on PC, smartphone, MacBook, or tablet.

Product Description

1080P Wireless WiFi Home Security Camera Q1 :

Clear 1080p HD: With 1080P 2.0 Megapixel Lens and Max. 30fps frame rate , You can see smoothly crystal video..

Night Vision: With 850nm IR Leds, the night vision up to 20feet. You will never be in dark.

Two Way Audio: Built-in microphone and speaker,  remotely talk and listen via Wansview mobile App.

Multiple Device View:  Supports IOS and Android App  and Windows computer and Mac to view the camera. Wansview App and software are free!

Perfect compatibility:  Compatible with the third party software Blue Iris and iSpy and Zoneminder and ManyCamWeb Installer,  and phone APP Tiny Cam and IP cam Viewer.

Storage: Upload Video Records to FTP and Micro SD

Onvif:supports 2.0 to 2.5 onvif protocol.

URLs: rstp and  snap and MJPE stream are available

rtsp://IP:rtsp port /live/ch0

The camera only works with 2.4Ghz WiFi, 5G is not supported!

Package List:
- 1 Quick Installation Guide, 1 CD (for PC).

- 1 Camera, 1 Antenna, 1 Power Adapter (5V 1.5A), 1 Network Cable.

- 1 Mounting Bracket, Mounting Accessories.


  • Storage

  • Onvif

  • Multiple Device View

  • Perfect compatibility

  • Night Vision

  • Pan and Tilt and Digital Zoom

  • Two Way Audio

  • Clear 1080p HD



  • Why I can't find the videos even though the SD card is installed?
    a. Please be sure that the SD card is installed appropriately.
    b.If SD card is inserted but can't be read, please tap "Format SD/TF".
    c.Please confirm whether the SD/TF card recording button is turned on or not.

  • Does Wansview cameras support POE(power over Ethernet)?
    No. All Wansview cameras can only be powered on by the specified power supply.
  • What do the indicator lights mean on Wansview cameras?

    Below details are for the Wansview indoor cameras’ indicator status :

  • How to check if wansview camera is getting power?

    For Wansview indoor camera, the red light will be blinking slowly and Pan and Tilt will automatically move up/down/right/left for one circle to self-check when it is powerd on.

    For Wansview outdoor camera,it doesn't have indicator light, we can place the camera in the dark place and cover the photo resistant to check if the IR LED are working :
    If the outdoor camera is getting power, you can see the IR LED being red as below pic.

  • There is no Blue indicator on the camera?
    1. For indoor camera
    1)  For Wansview indoor camera such as K2/Q3, before WiFi configuration, please check if you configure WiFi to the camera within 5 mins after powering up the camera; otherwise, the blue light will disappear and we should reboot the camera and have a try again.

    2) For Wansview indoor camera such as K3/Q3S(RA), we should push the reset button for about 3-5 seconds to make the blue light work first.

    3)Please check if you input the wrong WiFi password during the WiFi configuration, if yes, the blue indicator will disappear. Then we need to reset the camera to factory default by pushing the "Reset" button for about 15-20 seconds and re-configure WiFi to the camera again by using the correct WiFi password.

    2. For Wansview outdoor camera such as W2/W3 camera, there is no blue light on camera.

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